Take care of your dog’s appearance on a regular basis

The golden lab dog is a short-haired dog race consisting of brown, black and gold. In most of the time of the year, this dog does not require much care. However, during the dry season, you need to comb the fur on a regular basis, preferably once a week. This treatment is needed to get rid of feathers fall out of his body. Combing the labrador feathers will also clean up the dirt and spread the natural oils throughout its body. Do not bathe dog labrador too often. Natural oils on dog hair are also useful to ward off flea and flea attacks. Treat dog labrador retriever 3-4 times a year or at any time when body odor is too piercing.

Every 2 to 3 months, you must tidy up the labrador dog’s nails. If you often take him for a walk, the hard sidewalk will think naturally. However, you can cut your pet’s nails at home or ask the vet to do it. In general, you can train a labrador dog to sit quietly so that the nails can be cut. Simply reward your meal every time you get your nails straightened. In the end, the dog will get used to this activity.