Set Up the Direct Thermostat

The fan settings most likely have the option on or auto. By selecting on, you enable the system fan to circulate the air at home without heating or cooling. The fan will run as long as the option is on. The auto option will only use the fan when it is hot or the AC is on and must be circulated. The on option for the fan is generally regarded as a waste of energy, because of the amount of energy needed to move the air constantly. Because of this, most people just set the fan to the auto option. Many people use the on option just to remove the air from the home – for example, the cooking smell you want to remove from the home. Actually, you do not need to set the thermostat directly because currently the most sophisticated technology from a thermostat has been developed by connecting to wifi, where you can set the temperature remotely without the hassle of touching the thermostat. This type of thermostat can be found at

Depending on the existing thermostat model, there may be a small switch on the thermostat cover or buttons to scroll between heating, cooling, and off option. You can prepare the operation to cool the house by switching or pushing the switch until you touch the cool setting. You will see numbers on the thermostat screen. This is the amount of temperature in your home. Use the up and down arrows on the thermostat to adjust the temperature of the house you want to achieve. You’ll see the numbers fluctuate close to the set temperature.