Some Things You Can Experience If Get Fire Bites Ant

Ants must be one insect that many people avoid, this is because ants have bites that can cause itching to some allergies in some people. In fact, the bite of some kind of ants cannot be considered a small problem. Like a fire ant bite. For that, if in your house there are many fire ants are disturbing, you should immediately contact the appropriate ant control services so that the ant can be lost immediately. One of the ant control services you can use is Chesapeake Ant Control. You will no longer have trouble with the many ants in your house.

If you think that an ant bite is a small thing and can disappear by itself, then you are wrong. Ant bites, especially fire ants can cause some things on your skin. Below are some of the dangers you can get if you are bitten by a fire ant:

1. The fire ant will bite the surface of your skin so strongly that you will feel the same purity as to release it. After that, the fire ant will sting your skin up to 10 times before finally releasing itself. Your skin will look swollen in the first 30 minutes.

2. One hour later, the swelling will change color to red, but not too visible.

3. If you still let the bite effect, then within 24 hours the red color will be more enlarged and the swelling that occurs will look more prominent.

4. Within three days, the swelling you experience will reach the maximum size, the red color contained on the swollen skin will also look increasingly thick and there is pus in it.

5. Within five days, the swelling you experience will be slightly broken. But, this is a very vulnerable thing, because you have to treat the wound properly. If you take care of it properly, the wound will close and heal more.