Make Photo Booth As Souvenir?

Perhaps lately it has become a tradition at a party when the host gives souvenirs accompanied by gratitude cards to the invited guests and it has become commonplace if the host is made dizzy when choosing the type of souvenir that will be given because, in addition to price considerations, you will also thinking of the shape and usefulness of the items to be given as souvenirs. The most common party to provide souvenirs as a token of gratitude is the wedding party and as the technology and creativity of the event organizers develops, it is now commonly found at parties providing a photo booth for invited guests. Photobooth is an area provided by the event organizers where guests can pose to be photographed and instantly get the results right then, if you are interested in a photo booth at your wedding souvenir, then you can rent photobooth bekasi.

Providing photo booth for invited guests will surely give a good impression and give added value to the happiness of an event, but if make photobooth result as the only souvenir of gratitude for invited guests then it is better to reconsider. Not all the guests who come to an event represent themselves, some are coming as representatives of an agency. It is also worth noting in using photobooth as a souvenir at your wedding.