Tips for keeping your smartphone at its finest shape

Currently smartphone is an absolute item owned by each individual, be it elementary school children to the elderly need it. But do you know how to keep your phone always safe and not quickly broken, the following tips how to care for smartphone to always be safe and not quickly broken, so hope these tips can help. However, you can also hire the finest best phone repair when your phone needs it so badly.

When buying new, must have cardboard, guidebook and warranty card and others. keep this well, of course one day will be needed.

Do not do anything that can cause loss of warranty like, open your own machine, seal broken or deliberately destroyed and so forth.

Write down the IMEI number and PIN Code number. Just in case when needed.

Avoid shocks that are too loud or too often let alone banged objects with hard or fall.

Do the charging correctly:

Remove the phone’s sheath if present.

Perform charging when the smartphone’s battery is really “low-battery”.

Turn off the phone before it gets recharged

Connect the smartphone with the charger and charger plug the power supply.

Remove immediately when the battery is full.

Reduce or avoid caring in the vehicle because the generated electricity is not as stable.