Mistakes in using condoms

Some of the most common mistakes include delayed use or disconnection before intercourse is complete, leaving no room at the end of the condom for semen until the negligence checks the packing to examine expiration or product defects. These trivial mistakes can put you and your spouse against the chances of unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of higher venereal diseases, researchers say. So even if you buy condoms with the high-quality, if you don’t know how to use it well, there will be a lot of inconveniences during your sexual activities.

Have you ever made one of the above mistakes? From these studies, here are some of the most common condom use errors.

Late condom installation

Approximately 17-51.1 percent of couples reported using a new condom after sexual intercourse has been running. Other studies have found that late use has increased, from 1.5 percent to 24.8% of cases of sexual intercourse.

Waiting too long to wear condoms is risky. Many men wait for foreplay before using condoms. There is no significant problem with this tactic – unless your foreplay involves penetration of any kind.

The male pre-ejaculatory fluid may contain sperm. Skin contact with skin has the potential to cause sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. In other words: do not delay.

Too fast to wear

The use of too early when the penis is not even an erection is also not a wise move. Doing this can mean condoms will not be installed properly at risk of loose or tearing after the erect penis. Only use condoms when the penis is half erect or fully.