These Three Jobs Workforce Disadvantages in the UK

England is still one of the countries that became the destination for someone who wants to continue his education. In the UK, education is one of the things that have a high quality. However, to continue your education in the UK, you must have a visa that can only be earned if you do an English test. Now, for those of you who want to continue their education in the UK, you can enroll in and choose the test schedule you want and need.

The number of universities that have good quality in the UK makes some majors in the country has a lot of devotees. However, who would have thought that there are still some jobs that have little interest.

1. Medical Professionals
Professions such as gynecologists, doctors for children, anesthesiologists and midwives are professions that still have little interest in the UK.

2. Software Developers
Jobs that are often understaffed are game designers, visual effects animators, and 2D / 3D animators.

3. Physics scientists
Scientists in the fields of oil and industry, especially geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, and geoscientists are much sought after in the UK, but unfortunately, they still have to find labor for the work from outside their country.