Jump With Confidence

Folker system vert shock claimed to be the most effective program that will give you maximum results up to 15 inches higher jump only in eight weeks. Seems too good to be true, but that is the real fact. Many people had been followed the vert shock program and proven their jump ability increased. This program had been used by several coaches especially basketball coach to improve their athlete jumping ability. Even though this program mostly used by the athlete, this does not mean other people cannot use it. Verts shock program open for all people who have interest in improving their jumping skills. It is also can be done by children and open for all age range.

The reason you can get the maximum result only in eight weeks is that the program focusing on training and developing twitch muscle. It is based on the research result that explosive movement such as jumping caused by fast contraction within twitch fibers calls type II B fibers. According to that, vert shock system uses a different approach by doing an exercise program that “laser focus” on the particular fibers. Focusing the exercise on these fibers makes vert shock program more effective and decrease the injury risk of overtraining exercise. The vert shock programs also boost your overall stamina for performing high jump skills. This program divided into three phase including pre-shock, shock, and post-shock phase. The workout in each phase of the program does not require expensive training tools and can be done everywhere you want. The fastest result from the vert shock program can be seen in a week after pre-shock phase. There will be an increase about 3 to 5 inches in your jumping height. After completing the entire phases you can see an increase about 9 to 15 inches. Improving your jumping skill will boost your confidence for a basketball player or normal people. It is time to boost your confidence with Folker system vert shock program!