Definition, Varieties, Function & Examples

vitaminsVitamins are nutrients required by the body in small quantities, for a variety of important processes. By following the Dietary Guidelines , you’ll get sufficient of most of those vitamins from meals. Why you need it: Vitamin D, which our physique generates by itself when our pores and skin is uncovered to daylight , helps spur calcium absorption and bone growth. Your kidneys constantly regulate ranges of water-soluble vitamins, shunting excesses out of the physique in your urine.

Upon absorption, the fats-soluble vitamins enter the lymph vessels before making their means into the bloodstream. Teens and girls who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant may discover it tough to get enough folate, but this B vitamin is significant to a child’s well being and development.

Individuals who eat a vegetarian weight loss plan may have to take a vitamin B12 complement. For those who comply with a vegan food plan and do not eat dairy, eggs, fish, or meat, you could be at risk for vitamin A deficiency. Why you want it: Niacin, like its fellow B vitamins, is necessary for converting meals into power.

Where to get it: Fish, beef liver, and poultry are all good sources of B6, but the food richest in this vitamin—good news for vegetarians—is the chickpea, or garbanzo bean. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is an antioxidant that protects the physique s cells shield against free radical harm.

Why you want it: Vitamin K is a vital ingredient in coagulation, or blood clotting. Vitamins have completely different jobs-helping you resist infections, keeping your nerves healthy, and serving to your body get vitality from meals or your blood to clot correctly. Vitamins are important to the traditional functioning of our bodies.