In addition, to Reduce Sugar, This Habit It Can Prevent Diabetes

For those of you who have a great family history of diabetes may indeed have to be extra careful to keep health in order not to develop type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus. But that does not mean others can not get diabetes. Preventing diabetes can not only be done by reducing sugar intake alone, it turns out breakfast habits can also help prevent diabetes. A study published in the Public Health Nutrition found that people who never had breakfast had 15-20% risk of having type 2 diabetes higher than those who eat breakfast every day. That’s why it’s important for you to eat healthy foods or fruits and also look for a companion’s intake such as

The study, attended by 100 thousand participants, showed that a good breakfast can regulate the body’s blood sugar levels so it does not make insulin work hard. Many other studies have also found similar results, that breakfast is not only able to meet the energy needs of the morning but also serves to regulate blood sugar levels are not high. But even breakfast cannot be arbitrary, a healthy breakfast is preferred, with fruit, vegetables, and adequate nutrition, not high fat and calories. Breakfast was not necessarily with large portions and very filling.