Harbhajan Mann Biography

Music is heart beat of human life. Without music, the world would be silent and colorless. It envelops you in a covering of comfort; accord you inspiration in moments of loneliness and sorrow. It is the harmonious expression of people’s thoughts and passions exploit as a meaningful and complex circulation of universal communication. It is very important part of human nature. Music is sufficient for a life time but I think life time is not ample for music. I personally love to listen songs during driving and cooking some time. As we know very well we enjoyed varieties of music according to different types of language like: Punjabi folk, Hindi version, English pop, Marathi, Tamil and so on. No doubt many types of sounds we amused but in music have one thing remain constant through centuries this world has live. It does not only provide us entertainment, it has assorted linked hash. It helps us to describe our feeling, emotions, social, intellectual and physical aspects of a person. It plays a great huge part in today’s society. Mostly in our Punjab people want to listen Punjabi folk music. Punjabi cinema and music industry has launched numbers of films and album in all over India. Public enjoyed their songs in different ways. There are many vocalists in Punjabi music industry and they entertain us their tracks. They achieve success in this field and got many awards in entertainment industry. Gurdas Maan,Babbu Maan, Jazzy Bains, Amrinder Gill, Harbhjan Mann, Surjit Bindrakhia, Ranjit Bawa, Pammi Bai, Jassi Gill, Honey Singh, Bohemia, Guru Randhawa, Babbal Rai, Ammy Virk, Nimrat Kehra, Garry Sandhu and so on artist are attain good name and fame in music industry. But today here I m canvass the very famous Vocalist Harbhajan Maan.

Harbhajan Maan is the current pop sensation. He was born on 30th of December 1965 in a small village named as Khemuana in Punjab. He is one of the smart and tall artists in Punjabi cinema. He started too with one big mega extensive and massive hit called Oyee Hoyeee in Punjabi sounds. The harmonious track is top everybody lips across all over the world. He is not just a popular in his singing profession as well as he is such a very wonderful actor and producer. He launched many albums as movies in Punjabi industry. He has created slot in the international music market. He is such excellent popular and versatile vocalist; he has sung verities of songs. He gives an edge in cluttered Punjabi pop scenario. He started his career in 1977 and he performed very first time in Canada on local shows for Asian community while he is in his school. He landed at apna Canada and that time his sister got married and sponsored one trip to him to come over there. He has done many live shows in foreign countries like UK, USA, Europe, Newzealand etc.

However, he completes his schooling and in between there he thought to take singing professionally. After that he started to teach about music from his guru Karnail Singh, Sheik Hamed and Balbir Singh Bandhu. In 1992 his first song has released chithiye ne chithiye and that time also he was in Canada. This song was very hit not even Punjab as well as west south. Then he realized that his scope for Punjabi regionalism sound in Canada was restricted because there audiences were a some of imported audience. Then he come back to his motherland means India and origin in Punjab. He has created musical history with first series Jag Jeondeyan De Mele. He played wonderful job in this picture and trying out his western influences instead of native language. According to him people lived in abroad they missed their culture, language, eating and land of Punjab. So then he preferred to address with Punjabi and tracks comes in market chithiye  ni, assi kaar chette, ek pal vi naa sotte, oyee hoyee which was followed by lala lala lala. He always believes that songs with good music and relevant lyrics will capture the right things. He is the first contemporary artist and to ever moves back from his successful enterprise abroad to India. His lyrics and tracks are present to their positive nature and deal with people choice. His singing style soon attracted to public from all over the India and that’s why he sung many songs to his voice in dubbed picture. After that he becomes prominent figure in Punjabi cinema.

Moreover,  He has worked and produce also 7th films and that are Ji Aayan Nu, Asaa Nu Maan Da, Dil Apna Punjabi, Mitti wajaan Maedi, Mera Pind mera Home, Jag Jeondeyan de mele. His latest movie was Heer Ranjha.In 2013 he launched his album Satrangi Peenhg 2 with Gursewak Maan and luckily he is his brother also. He wants to develop music that lives for decades. Then comes out his video song Chaun Ku Dina Da Mela and that was directed by Bobby Sandhu. He achieved success praise from audience and got lot of critical acclaim. In 2013 he act in very favorable film Haani and this picture was directed by Amitoj Maan. He has worked with his second time together because in 2015 he released movie Gaddar- the Traitor on 29th of May.  If we want to know about him his current projects then I definitely add on something her. He is working nowadays on his single Delhi 84 and music present by very famous Sukhshinder Shinda. His fan following list are very high. People followed and shared information and likes videos, trying talk through different social networking sites.

Now I would like conclude my topic, our Punjabi industry has attained maximum success in entertainment industry. Harbhajan mann gave to his proper contribution for that till now. I think we should all to appreciate to him and his singing. If anyone want to listen their songs and movies at home. Then he or she can go through on diversion of website and can easily with the help of internet. His latest collection as well as old tracks and films are available on those sites.